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Upload <Doodle Fit - Countries Pack>

Upload <Doodle Fit - Countries Pack>. 

Upload <Doodle Fit - Zombie>

Upload <Doodle Fit - Zombie>.  I have to say this is a nasty theme.  I don't want to see it again.

Upload <Doodle Fit - Monster Shooter Pack>

I upload the theme.  Just one unfound.

Doodle Fit - Monster Shooter Pack - Granade (1 unfound / 2 solutions)

Upload <Doodle Fit - Doodle Noodles>

 Upload <Doodle Noodles>

Upload <Doodle Fit - Summer>

Merry Christmas everyone.  I just buy the new 3 packages.  I will upload the next 2 packages.

Upload <Doodle Fit - Sci-Fi>

I hate this scheme.  The color of puzzles are too close. I almost can't see the border.  In fact I finish it with Notebook scheme.

Add new games <Doodle fit lite>

I just know <lite> is not only picked up from doodle fit. Add <Doodle Fit Lite> solutions. Today just finish < here> section. Thanks for G@ry's help

Upload <Doodle Fit - Nature Pack>

I got lots of solutions email from friends during the couple weeks when I am so busy.  Some solutions are duplicated.  I have to take a break for job and spend the whole weekend updating website.

Thank Jupke for <Nature Pack>.  Thank G@ry for more solutions.

Upload all solutions of <Doodle Fit - Greek Alphabet>

Upload all solutions of <Doodle Fit - Greek Alphabet>

( Is game easier or am I smarter ? )

All solutions of Greek Alphabet will come in early April

I have completed all solutions in Greek Alphbet.  But my work is busy.  I will upload all of them next week.

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